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video installation - galería acéfala


"MIRADAS: testimony to the open window"  video installation was exhibited through the Nuevas Narrativas Video Artist Residency at the Galería Acéfala en Buenos Aires. 

MIRADAS interrogates divisions and collisions between the public and private space; between the quotidian and the theatrical; and between voyeurism and contemplation. MIRADAS asks: Why look? Why look from a distance? Virtual or physical distance provides a void that makes space for fantasy, projection, and meditation. It is a space of contention and inflection where one can contemplate the life of the other and, at the same time, see oneself.

The distance and one-sidedness of the voyeuristic gaze generate an unreal connection, an "I know you" with no basis in reality. In this work, fantasizing is emphasized through texts that simulate a search for connection. In the black emptiness of the screen, the eye competes between looking at the voyeuristic images and facing the thoughts that accompany them.


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